Acrylic Jewelry Organizer

Organizing and displaying your jewelry collections can be challenging. It would help if you sorted out the chunky bracelets, long necklaces, rings of all sizes, and earrings that tend to get lost. Besides, deciding whether to organize the jewelry in a drawer, on a countertop, or a wall can be confusing. Fortunately, Wetop Acrylics is here to help. We design innumerable acrylic jewelry organizers that’ll help you create a customized displaying solution. Our custom acrylic jewelry organizers are safe, durable, sturdy, and have a long service life.

ModelCustom Acrylic Jewelry Organizer
SizeCustom Size
ColorClear, White, Black, Red, Blue or Customized
PrintingSilk-Screen, Digital Printing, Hot Transfer, Laser Cutting, Sticker, Engraving
Prototyping3-5 days
Lead Time15-20 days for bulk production

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Why Use Our Custom Acrylic Jewelry Organizers?

Have you ever wondered what to look for in a jewelry organizer? A good jewelry organizer should be easily customized into different sizes and have separate compartments and a lining. Our acrylic jewelry organizers come with soft lining or cushioning to prevent your baubles from scratch and have a plethora of compartments to prevent your jewelry from becoming tangled. Here are reasons why they are the best:

Makes organizing easy

Our custom acrylic jewelry organizers come in compartments and easy-slide drawers or trays. The compartments are adjustable, and you can customize them to suit jewelry of all sizes and shapes. This can help keep your ever-growing collection of jewelry at hand. Besides, the compartments can help cut down clutter and ensure easy access to your visitors.

Protect your jewelry 

Wetop custom acrylic jewelry organizers are more robust than plastic or glass. They also offer high corrosion resistance. Thus, they enable you to protect your delicate treasures from dirt, dust, greasy and sticky fingers, as well as tangling. Moreover, keeping your jewelry in an organizer will prevent tarnish and ensure your gemstone sparkles for a long time. So, whether your gems are fashioned from precious metals or cosmetic jewelry, our custom organizers will keep your pieces safe.

Decorate and display

Show off your store’s most precious valuables in a charming acrylic jewelry organizer. Our jewelry organizers will complement your modern decor and delight the viewer’s eyes. Our acrylic organizers are transparent and thus will save the clients’ trouble of always opening them to check out your pieces. Besides, the visible setting ensures your clients don’t struggle to search for what they want in your store.

A range of usability

Our custom acrylic jewelry organizers include earring shelf display, finger cone, and showcases. These are an excellent way of displaying your ear studs, earrings, dangles, and hoops. Moreover, our sleek designs ensure that the organizers are an ideal fit anywhere on your counter.

Impeccable features

  • Acrylic jewelry organizers are lightweight. Thus, you can carry them easily from one place to another.
  • From stackable organizers to foldable models, our acrylic organizers ensure you maximize your space to the fullest.

Ready to tame your jewelry chaos? Choose Wetop Acrylic custom jewelry organizers that come in a variety of styles and points. Our custom acrylic jewelry organizers will help you make a statement in your store. Besides, the organizers will keep the pieces tangle-free and beautifully displayed.

If you have any questions about acrylic jewelry organizers, give us a call now, and we’ll gladly help!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Sure, We have different ways to print your logo, such as silk-screen, digital printing, engraving logo(embossed effect), Sticker, and so on. The best solution will provide according to your marketing needs.

    The minimum order quantity of our acrylic organizer is 50pcs for each design. And order quantity is the important factor for the price as bulk production will help to decrease the cost.

    The lead time for the order is 1-2 weeks but should depend on the order size and complexity of the project. And shipping time relies on the shipping methods. Shipped by sea will take 25-35 days and 3-5 days by FedEx or DHL.

    Yes, for sure, that’s the best way to confirm the details and help both of us to make mistakes during bulk mass production. generally, the sample cost for the custom acrylic organizer is $100 included FedEx freight. (for the complex project, please get in touch with our acrylic expert for more details.)

    Our factory is located in Dongguan City, China. a city named as “factory of the world.” Here, we can bring your idea into reality with different accessories combined and ship to different countries.
    We can ship the goods to any place that exists on the earth. Ushuaia in Argentina is a city distance with us about 23,000 kilometers and that’s the furthest place we have been shipped so far.


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