Acrylic Decorative Tray

Whether you’re looking to decorate your dining room table or any other place in your home, office, or retail shop, nothing makes a powerful statement better than decorative acrylic trays. At Wetop acrylic, we pride ourselves in making decorative acrylic trays that have become weapons in homes and commercial places decor arsenal. They are a fabulous way to style an ottoman, an entry hall, console, bathroom counter, and dressing table.

ModelCustom Acrylic Decorative Tray
Size11×11, 11×14, 12×15, 12×12, 15×15 inches, Custom Size
ColorClear, White, Black, Red, Blue or Customized
HandleCutting Handle, Brass Handle, Non-Handle, Insert slot at the bottom
PrintingSilk-Screen, Digital Printing, Hot Transfer, Laser Cutting, Sticker, Engraving
Prototyping3-5 days
Lead Time15-20 days for bulk production

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Choosing Your Decorative Tray

Do you know that decorative acrylic trays can be your BFF in the world of home décor? These trays come in various materials, sizes, and shapes to resonate with your unique taste, needs, and preference. Let’s look at what makes acrylic decorative trays top choice:

Set A Theme

Acrylic decorative trays are great at setting a theme. Its crystal clear material can blend with any décor and the decorative items you intend to use with it. Here’s a list of decorative items to use with the tray:

  1. Books – Books or magazines with beautiful covers
  2. Natural Elements –seashells, greenery, coral reef, small houseplants or flowers
  3. Small Basket or Containers– this can be used to hold smaller items like remotes, keys, accessories, or matches for your candles
  4. Perfume bottles: They look beautiful on a bedroom dresser or a vanity
  5. Toiletries: You can gather your toiletries in one organized spot, so they do not clutter the counter
  6. Unique Pieces
  7. Candles or Candle Holders
  8. Vases
  9. And more
  10. Please note: Decorative items always look best in sets of 3, 5, or 7. When things are grouped in odd numbers, they’re more pleasing to the eye.

Custom Shapes And Sizes

We can customize acrylic decorative trays to the shape and size that you want. That could be a square, round, rectangle, or any other geometric shape. For instance, if a room has many straight lines, you may want to go with an acrylic tray that’s round to soften things up. Similarly, a room with many round or soft features could go well with an acrylic tray with harsh edges to provide excellent contrast.

3 Elements Of The Perfect Tray-Scape

Regardless of whether you’re using your decorative tray as a base for a centerpiece or to display something around the room, there are ree elements that matters. You should always include varying heights, empty space, and texture.

We have decorative acrylic trays of varying height to add interest, different textures to add depth, and large enough so you can keep a bit of empty space. This keeps the tray from looking crammed full with a bunch of stuff.

Don’t you love decorative trays?

In the past, trays’ main function was transporting dinnerware from the kitchen to the dining area. Luckily along the way, a very thoughtful person (had to be an acrylic decorative tray designer, haha!) decided to ditch these boring trays and become creative. The decorative trays were born, and nothing worked better than a decorative acrylic tray. It’s the world’s best synthetic material and 50% lighter than glass but much stronger.

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How to Custom Acrylic Decorative Tray and Get Wholesale Price?

Just 4 Easy Steps to Start Your Project

Tell Us What You Need

Please send us the drawing, reference pictures, or share your idea. Advise the required quantity and lead time. We will work on it.

Review the Quotation & Solution

Solution & Quotation will be sent to you within 1 day accoridng to your requirements.

Getting Prototyping and Adjustment

After approve the quote, we will prepare the prototyping sample  to you  in 3-5 days. you can confirm this by physical sample or picture & video.

Approval for Bulk Production & Shipping

The bulk production will start once getting sample approval and receiving the deposit for the order. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Sure, We have different ways to print your logo, such as silk-screen, digital printing, engraving logo(embossed effect), Sticker, and so on. The best solution will provide according to your marketing needs.

    The minimum order quantity of our acrylic trays is 50pcs for each design. And order quantity is the important factor for the price as bulk production will help to decrease the cost.

    The lead time for the order is 1-2 weeks but should depend on the order size and complexity of the project. And shipping time relies on the shipping methods. Shipped by sea will take 25-35 days and 3-5 days by FedEx or DHL.

    Yes, for sure, that’s the best way to confirm the details and help both of us to make mistakes during bulk mass production. generally, the sample cost for the custom acrylic tray is $100 included FedEx freight. (for the complex project, please get in touch with our acrylic expert for more details.)

    Our factory is located in Dongguan City, China. a city named as “factory of the world.” Here, we can bring your idea into reality with different accessories combined and ship to different countries.
    We can ship the goods to any place that exists on the earth. Ushuaia in Argentina is a city distance with us about 23,000 kilometers and that’s the furthest place we have been shipped so far.


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