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4 Steps to Source Acrylic Furniture

Suppose you are running a furniture business and want to get something new and different from the market. In that case, acrylic furniture is an excellent option to rich your product line and make your business more competitive.

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Bulk Production

Mass production will start after approving the prototype and getting the deposit, Normally will take 15 to 20 working days depending on the order quantity and complexity of the project. 

Acrylic Packing


Get QC Report, Approval Shipping

Each acrylic furniture will do a full inspection before shipping, You will get our QC report to review every detail, and we will ship them after getting your approval.

Why Should You Source Your Acrylic Furniture From Wetop Acrylic?

Wetop Acrylic is an acrylic furniture manufacturer and distributor with over ten years of experience. We have a great passion for acrylic and are proud to manufacture a wide variety of custom acrylic furniture. We have made significant innovations in furniture design and integrated new and unique materials with acrylic to come up with some of the most elegant and trendy furniture. You can rely on us to customize any type of acrylic furniture from tables, acrylic stools and chairs for your restaurant, bar, promotion, hotel lobby, indoor decoration, outdoor patio, kitchen/dining area, and more. Besides, our acrylic furniture is also excellent for decorating clubhouses, co-operate rooms, kids classrooms, among others.


1 – MOQ 50 only at factory price

All of our acrylic furniture is just in MOQ 50pcs with factory price, and buying more will get more discount. 

2 – Satisfaction Guarantee

Full inspection for each piece and guarantee return or remake if you received any defective pieces from Wetop.

3 – Custom solution to suit marketing needs

Custom as per your design, printing logo, or customized packaging are available at Wetop Acrylic.

Work Process for Custom Acrylic Furniture


Free Design


Top Grade Material


Acrylic Cutting

Acrylic CNC Cutting, Custom Acrylic Fabrication

CNC Routing


Diamond Polishing


Free Design


Top Grade Material


Acrylic Cutting

Acrylic CNC Cutting, Custom Acrylic Fabrication

CNC Routing


Diamond Polishing


Cloth-Wheel Polishing

Acrylic Bonding Manufacturing

Joining Acrylic


Full Inspection


Custom Packaging

Acrylic Packaging Process

Waiting for Shipping


Cloth-Wheel Polishing

Acrylic Bonding Manufacturing

Joining Acrylic


Full Inspection


Custom Packaging

Acrylic Packaging Process

Waiting for Shipping

What’s Acrylic Furniture?

Acrylic furniture is tables, stools, chairs, and other items made from acrylic. The material is cut into the desired shape and molded using various acrylic processing techniques to make beautiful, high-quality products. When acrylic sectional material is formed through the molding process, it will become an acrylic piece of furniture. Acrylic furniture has the advantage of being lightweight yet very strong and highly resistant to impact. Here are reasons why you should invest in acrylic furniture:

  • Acrylic furniture is lightweight but strong.
  • Its surface can be finished to a crystal clear glass-like finish
  • Acrylic reflects light to give objects a subtle look and feel
  • They look different from the traditional material furniture, which makes your space unique and modern.
  • It is the best way to expand your furniture product line if you want something special to attract your customers.

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    What Are The Features of Acrylic Furniture?

    Custom Acrylic FurnitureAcrylic furniture, also known as lucite furniture, was incepted in the 70s and is gaining popularity by the day. The crystal-clear material has what it takes to look the part of today’s modern interiors and withstand the test of time. Acrylic Furniture is made of 100% raw and virgin transparent cast acrylic sheets. All edges are polished smooth to ensure a safe, non-scratching surface. It is available in various shapes and colors. Typically, here are features of acrylic furniture:

    • Acrylic furniture is made with acrylic sheets
    • They have polished edges to ensure no scratching
    • Acrylic furniture comes in various shapes and color
    • They are durable and waterproof.
    • Acrylic furniture with a colorful acrylic surface is beautiful and will never need painting.
    • They are easy to clean with a wet towel.
    • Acrylic furniture can be customized into different shapes, sizes, pattern and to fit your budget and needs.

    Custom Acrylic Furniture: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Table of Contents

    What are acrylic furniture made of?

    Our acrylic furniture is made of cast lucite acrylic, which has high transparency features and excellent quality. Also, we can custom the acrylic furniture combined with other materials such as wood, metal to achieve different effects and make it different.

    All of our acrylic sheets are passed SGS certification, and we only use good quality acrylic sheets without scratches, spots, yellowing, dust marks for manufacturing.

    Where to use the acrylic furniture?

    The Acrylic furniture are everywhere. Here are the applications of the most common use:

    • Home
    • Office
    • Store
    • Coffee Shop
    • Art Gallery
    • And more

    How do you fabricate the acrylic furniture?

    Here to introduce the typical process for the acrylic furniture fabrication

    1. Cut the acrylic sheet in size: Setting the program in the acrylic cutting machine and cut according to the size requirement;
    2. Polish: Polishing the acrylic edges with the diamond polish machine, cloth-wheel polish, and fire polish machine to make the edge beautiful, smooth, and not hurt the people.
    3. Assemble the acrylic furniture: Joining or Moulding the acrylic in shape according to the requirements, installing the fixture hardware on the acrylic furniture.

    4. Finish: As a final step, you can remove the protective film on the walls. Polish it nicely if scratched during the process.

    Can you assemble the wood or metal with the acrylic furniture?

    Yes! Some customers would like to customize the acrylic furniture with other materials. at Wetop, we can combine acrylic with wood, metal, and more.

    How long will the acrylic furniture last?

    Acrylic has been known to last for more than 10 years outdoors without yellowing, crumbling, or losing its strength. This makes it an excellent material to construct both indoor and door uses. They offer glass’s same clarity and aesthetic with improved impact strength and resistance to mildew, mold, and moss growth that obscure glass over time.

    What type of acrylic furniture is there?

    Acrylic can be molded into different furniture than we tend to imagine. The more common examples of acrylic furniture include tables, chairs, and barstools. Some of the lesser-known pieces are acrylic TV stands, acrylic display shelves, corner shelves, console tables, bookshelves, beds pedestals, desks, and even storage trunks. Some of these items have a combination of acrylic and other material, which add elegance and a subtle feel and look to the furniture.

    Can you print our logo and branding information on the acrylic furniture?

    Yes. Printing or Engraving is available for acrylic furniture.

    Our advanced printing process makes sure your logo, artwork, or branding information will appear ideally on the acrylic furniture, no matter just in single color or full color. We can make them come true in-house.

    Besides, we can also engrave your logo on the acrylic furniture, which looks different from printing.

    What are the advantages of acrylic furniture?

    Acrylic furniture looks sophisticated yet simple. They have endless uses in homes or offices and have a host of advantages over traditional furniture, including:

    Looks elegant

    If you’re looking to achieve a sleek modern home décor, then a piece (s) of acrylic furniture ought to be on your shopping list. Acrylic can be molded into very simplistic shapes, which will fit nicely into contemporary and modern-styled homes. The transparent material takes on the new style of your home while still offering functionality. This furniture has a clean and crisp look that will add value to your home or business premises.

    Strength and Durability

    Acrylic furniture is highly durable and robust. It’s made with quality acrylic material that does not break easily. This means acrylic furniture will maintain its good looks, even with regular use. Your acrylic furniture will also withstand weather changes, making them perfect for outdoor fun and dining.


    Acrylic furniture is easy to clean and highly resistant to stains, just like other acrylic products. For example, acrylic patio chairs are low maintenance because of their resistance to dirt, mould, mildew or water damage.

    Highly Customizable

    Acrylic furniture comes in a wide variety of styles, colours and patterns. You can find acrylic dining tables, acrylic stools, and acrylic chairs to match your tastes.

    Affordable material

    Customized acrylic furniture is much more affordable compared to other types of furniture. It’s made from quality acrylic material, which increases the furniture’s durability and lifespan.

    What's the available color for the acrylic furniture?

    Clear is the most popular color for acrylic furniture, but it can also be made in Red, Blue, White, Black, etc. Please get in touch with our sales rep for more color options.


    Is there a size limitation for the acrylic furniture?

    The size limit is 220cmx180cm.

    How will you pack the acrylic furniture?

    Usually, the acrylic furniture will be packed with a clear opp bag, around with the protective foam, master carton, and wooden packaging. This way will help protect the acrylic furniture from being broken or scratched during shipping. Also, we can customize the packaging for the acrylic furniture to suit different requirements. We will work on the best packaging solution for your reference before placing an order.

    How to decide the thickness of the acrylic furniture?

    The thickness depends on the acrylic furniture sizes and the usage. We will be providing the suggestion according to your needs. For acrylic furniture, 5mm to 12 mm is the most common thickness. 

    How to clean the acrylic furniture?

    Start by sweeping a soft cotton cloth both inside and outside of your acrylic furniture to remove any loose dirt and debris. You can use warm, soapy water or plastic polish to achieve that professional shine. Be gentle and use light pressure as you clean the surfaces. When you’re done, use a soft dry cloth to dry the surfaces. You can also buff or polish it with a cloth too.

    After cleaning, experts recommend treating your acrylic furniture with an anti-static cleaner—this helps clear the build of static charges that encourage dirt and debris to stick on the surface rapidly.

    Please note: Your choice of cleaning cloth is essential as any rough material can damage your acrylic furniture. Also, avoid the use of non-corrosive detergents or chemicals as they can cause a cloudy appearance. Avoid using chemicals such as:

    • Ammonia-based cleaners like glass and window cleaners
    • Petroleum-based chemical
    • Abrasive or caustic cleaners
    • Scrubbing pads or an abrasive pad

    How will you ship the acrylic furniture?

    We can handle the different shipment methods to suit the needs.

    Shipped by air:

    • Door to door by FedEx, DHL, UPS
    • Ship to the air port

    Shipped by sea:

    • Ship to the port (FOB or CIF)
    • Door to door (DDP)
    • Ship to Amazon Warehouse

    Or ship to your another factory in China, Let us know your requirements and we will make that happen, here is your one-stop.

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