Acrylic Logo Block

If you want to boost your brand, an acrylic logo block is what your business needs. Made from solid, crystal clear polymer blocks of different thicknesses and shapes, they offer a stunning view of your business. Placed on retail counters, acrylic blocks draw clients closer, which can conversely increase sales.

At Wetop, we make these acrylic logo blocks of any thickness and size. These units are an elegant, modern solution that creates an elegant impression and attracts attention. We manufacture lightweight yet sturdy logo blocks to give your brand a professional look.

Model Custom Acrylic Logo Blocks
Size Custom Size
Color Clear, White, Black, Red, Blue or Customized
MOQ 50pcs
Printing Silk-Screen, Digital Printing, Hot Transfer, Laser Cutting, Sticker, Engraving
Prototyping 3-5 days
Lead Time 15-20 days for bulk production


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Advantage of Custom Acrylic Logo Blocks 

  • Withstand harsh UV rays: Our acrylic logo blocks are concealed with a high concentration of UV absorbent. This ensures the logo block survives all weather conditions and will never fade. It has a good quality plate that might last up to 15 years.
  • Customizable: An important feature of an acrylic logo block is its changeable shape. The material is so easy to conform to different requirements. This makes it easy for us to customize the logo blocks to suit your organization’s needs.

More so, we can customize to any size and whether you want horizontal or vertical logo blocks.

  • Visual effect: Visual effect is the most attractive feature of acrylic logo blocks. Acrylic material has a strong visual impact, and it’s gorgeous. These items are transparent, beautiful, smooth, and can get processed in various forms.
  • Impact resistance: Acrylic material is formulated to make it strong. Its impact resistance index is estimated to be 200 times higher than that of glass. This means there is minimal risk of it getting broken.

If it falls, it cannot break easily as glass. And when it does, it breaks into large pieces with smooth edges. This comes as an added advantage to boost the safety of your business.

  • Fire resistance: Our acrylic logo blocks are resistant to spontaneous combustion. More so, they’re self-extinguishing. So you don’t have to worry about firebreaks.
  • Weather element resistance: Our custom logo block is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. It can survive a high temperature of 70 degrees Celsius.
  • Relatively Inexpensive: Acrylic material is relatively cheaper compared to aluminum, metal, or steel. It’s the perfect material that gives a professional, modern, and clean look without draining your budget.

More so, the manufacturing process at Wetop Acrylic allows us to design logo blocks at a lesser cost.

  • Durable and Lightweight: The acrylic logo blocks come with fantastic features of being lightweight and durable. They offer significant resistance against all weather conditions. Although acrylic is lighter, it’s stronger than glass.

So, if you’re planning to invest in durable, attractive logo blocks, acrylic is the ultimate choice.

Looking Forward to Enhancing your Brand? Think Acrylic Logo Block! 

An acrylic logo block is a simple yet effective way to make your brand shout. You can customize the logo to reflect your organization’s branding. It makes customers understand your business, making them become loyal customers.

If you’re looking for the best-customized acrylic logo blocks, Wetop Acrylic is the right place to be. Reach out and let our experts handle the rest.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Sure, We have different ways to print your logo, such as silk-screen, digital printing, engraving logo(embossed effect), Sticker, and so on. The best solution will provide according to your marketing needs.

    The minimum order quantity of our acrylic block is 50pcs for each design. And order quantity is the important factor for the price as bulk production will help to decrease the cost.

    The lead time for the order is 1-2 weeks but should depend on the order size and complexity of the project. And shipping time relies on the shipping methods. Shipped by sea will take 25-35 days and 3-5 days by FedEx or DHL.

    Yes, for sure, that’s the best way to confirm the details and help both of us to make mistakes during bulk mass production. generally, the sample cost for the custom acrylic block is $100 included FedEx freight. (for the complex project, please get in touch with our acrylic expert for more details.)

    Our factory is located in Dongguan City, China. a city named as “factory of the world.” Here, we can bring your idea into reality with different accessories combined and ship to different countries.
    We can ship the goods to any place that exists on the earth. Ushuaia in Argentina is a city distance with us about 23,000 kilometers and that’s the furthest place we have been shipped so far.


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